1500mg Lemon Tincture

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1500 mg Lemon Flavored Tincture is our all natural CBD Oil proprietary formulation that is highly effective at 25mg Per 1ml Dose.  Formulated in a healthy 2 oz 60ml bottle with all natural ingredients that include Broad Spectrum

Out Liposomal CBD Oil, MCT Oil, and all natural Lemon citrus flavoring.  We make our product simple yet effective.  It all starts with the very high quality raw CBD oil that is 3rd party tested and has a Zero THC profile, wonderful minor cannabinoids present and Terpenes to help with the overall effect.  We've added MCT (medium chain triglycerides) not only as a carrier but to add a healthy array of Omega 3 & 6 to your daily dosing.

If you ever wonder where your CBD comes from or what is in the bottle, please know that with 33 CBD Supply we are truly a seed to product company from our 700 acre Industrial Hemp Farm and have testing results on the bottle via our QR Code.

60ml | 2 oz  | 60 1ml Doses

15 Day customer satisfaction guaranteed