500mg CBD|CBG Topical Sports Balm

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ReCOVR 500mg topical sports balm stick is a unique formulation of 250mg of CBD and 250mg of CBG. Included also is a proprietary formulation of essential blended within a Liposomal formulation for maximum absorption.

With a sweet smell and an amazing effect, this CBG topical blended with CBD is the first and most potent topical sports balm on the market that focuses on the best possible effect of CBD & CBG together finally in one product. 

The base formulation is based off of 4 essential oils specific absoprtion with the local / topical applicaiton.  

Finally get help with your daily life soreness or as a general fitness athlete.  Are you active in crossfit, football, basketball, baseball, golf golf or any athletic type of activity and your performance is a direct result of your recovery or just getting through everyday life.  This is the topical application you need. 

Net wt. 1.7oz | 500mg 

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