800 Mg Liposomal Spray

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By encapsulating the phytocannabinoids within naturally occurring liposomal phospholipids 33 Supply's CBD Sprays are up to five times (5x) more
bioavailable than CBD taken alone.

Product contains 800 mg of All Natural Liposomal CBD, MCT coconut oil and natural flavoring.

Why do Liposomes help Absorption?

Every cell in your body has what is known as a cell membrane. It is the wall that surrounds the cell and keeps bad things out and good things in. This membrane is made up of two layers of phospholipids, a phospholipid bi-layer. Phospholipids are basically just phosphorus molecules connected to the end of fat molecules. Liposomes are tiny spheres made from cholesterol and naturally-occurring phospholipids. These spheres can surround certain types of compounds and nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10 and CBD and when they enter or come in contact with the cells of the body they are able to feed the cell membranes with the phospholipids and deliver the nutrients contained within them directly to the cells.



Spray oil directly under the tongue or in mouth. Six (6) sprays equals one serving. There are 60 servings per bottle.

30 days customer satisfaction guaranteed