About Us

33 Supply is the product development, distribution, and retail division of 33 Farms.  We pride ourselves on specific core values to bring the best experience for our customers.  

At the age of 15 our owner developed intractable Epilepsy and have struggled with the daily challenges through his life since then.  Now in his mid 40's, he has undergone several medical procedures, 13 different medications, an in planted Vagal Nerve Stimulator, and Pacemaker.  Our family business was formed out of the need to have a quality and effective CBD Product for my Epilepsy and we were looking for a viable treatment option.  After having Two Temporal / Frontal Lobe Brain Resections in 2014, we utilized our existing 4th generation farming operation to convert 700 acres of existing farmland to farm Industrial Hemp.  We were one of the first and are one of the largest Industrial Hemp Farms in Oklahoma and utilize our position to custom formulate effective CBD and CBG products for the medical, beauty and fitness industries.  Our goal is to help and educate our customers and clients and be an advocate for all who are challenged with their specific medical condition and to hopefully bring hope to what could very easily be a hopeless situation.