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The Benefits of CBD|CBG Sports Balm Stick

The Benefits of CBD|CBG Sports Balm Stick

Posted by Danny Upchurch B.S. Sports Physiology on 28th Sep 2020

As our knowledge increases on the benefit of post workout recovery, so does the science behind the cannabinoid profiles that give us the maximum benefits. Canabidiol or CBD has established itself on the market as a primary source for anti-inflammation and pain management. As our bodies have what is called an Endocannabinoid System or ECS, the CBD compound interacts with our body's ECS to help modulate pain and inflammation as it is commonly brought on by post workout activities. On the same principle, Cannabigerol or CBG is well known for it's pain management function.

Combining these two strong pain management influencers is only logical as we can let them both do the heavy lifting in the modulation of pain signals at the cellular level. This in turn gives us the best opportunity for post workout / post activity recovery and anti-oxidation of muscle tissue and aid in protein synthesis.

In summary, a combination of CBD & CBD in a 1:1 ratio in a sports balm stick give us the best formulation and application for recovery and is a wonderful non-opioid source for pain management.