BRK Pet CBD w/ Glucosamine

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BRK Pet CBD is our newest pet product available.  Custom formulated from all natural ingredients including Bacon flavor and natural Glucosamine for advaced joint health.  Formulated with a potent 800mg of Whole Hemp Extract and 150mg of Glucosamin, you have a healthy and adjustable dose range to deliver. 

Our dogs utilize CBD very much the same way we do.  It is very individualized to their body and unique need.  Our BRK formulation is packaged as a spray delivery for you to be able to meter the dose range from 1 spray to 8 sprays.  Utilze spray method directly on food or snack or directly in mouth if your pet friend will allow.  With our natural Bacon flavor, it will be an added food flavor and an enjoyable experience for your pet. 

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