CBD|CBG Oral Spray

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Our new Liposomal CBG (Cannabigerol) product comes jam PACKAGED with 400mg of CBG & 400mg of CBD.  Utilize the CBD concentration for your normal issues and also utilize the CBG for it's specific and complimentary effects. This 1:1 ratio is balanced for advaned and powerful effects. 

Our all natural Citrus flavoring gives taking our CBG oral spray easy and can be metered to your needs by the number of sprays. 

CBG is another cannabinoid that has powerful effects on it's own but also when paired with other complimentary cannabinoids for the overall enterage benefit.  Commonly known at the "mother of all cannabinoids", it is the first synthesized compound that the hemp plant produces and all other cannabinoids are derived from it.  We grow a CBG rich genetic in our planting operation to provide a cost effective solution. 


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