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In our current day and need for an absolute focus on our Immune health, 33 CBD Supply has not only formulated but supplies the raw materials from our 700 acre Industrial Hemp Farm for our new ImmuneCare w/ Vitamin D3.  A first in the industry to blend CBD, Epicore Whole Food Fermentate, and Vitamine D3 into one super Immune product to help fight the first level Immune function and body defense such as:

Respiratory Support - With the Respiratory support of Vitamin D3 "Vitamin D helps our immune systems stay balanced during the cold and flu season, and serve as a pharmacy resource" and activated 

Anti-Body Production - Stimulates the production of sIgA antibodies (Killer Cells), target viral cells to bind with and kill. 

Probiotic Gut Health - The Gastrointestinal Tract as an organ of the immune system.  

How does the combination of Vitamin D3 and CBD enhance the overall Immune Respone?

  1. Vitamin D3 used daily as opposed to weekly or montyly increases autoimmune strength & response 
  2. CBD is known for it's ant-inflammation properties at the cellular level and decreasing the Cytokine Storm (1)





15 days
25mg CBD  Gummies 30ct

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25mg CBD Gummies 30ct


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800 mg CBD Liposomal Spray

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800 Mg Liposomal Spray


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