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CBD|CBG Oral Spray

33 CBD Supply

CBD|CBG Oral Spray


Our new Liposomal CBG (Cannabigerol) product comes jam PACKAGED with 400mg of CBG & 400mg of CBD.  Utilize the CBD concentration for your normal issues and also utilize the CBG for it's...

Recovr Fitness CBD Post workout recovery regiment, cbd fitness recovery

33 Fitness

ReCOVR Fitness Combo


Our ReCOVR Fitness combo kit gives you the best available Post Workout Recovery supplementation at a great discount.  Get 20% off for purchasing both together.   What you get: 500mg...

CBD Softgel and CBD Topical Salve Combo

33 Supply

Softgel Balm Bundle


Get two of our most popular items in a bundle at a discounted price.  Our 25mg Water Soluble Softgels which has fast become a favorite with our customers and our All Natural Topical Balm which...

pHlora Balanced Boutique Personalized Hair Spray

pHlora Balanced



With ProVitamin B5 Fast-Drying Flexible Hold No Parabens. UV Protectant. Humidity Resistant.   DESCRIPTION This highly flexible yet fixative hairspray offers exceptional hold and no sticky...

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